Free Head 4 Lice treatment (valued at $38) on orders over $50

FREE Head 4 Lice treatment (valued at $38) with orders over $50 - while stocks last!

Shampoo, Conditioner and Preventative Spray Combo - LiceDoctors

Shampoo, Conditioner and Preventative Spray Combo

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LiceDoctors Shampoo is an easy to use effective head lice product for children. Our unique formulation with advanced technology allows the shampoo to target the areas under attack and instantly stun the lice.

LiceDoctors Conditioner is a lightweight product that helps to detect the presence of head lice and eggs and disable them. Our unique conditioning system can help penetrate and break the bond between head lice and the hair.

LiceDoctors Preventative Spray is to be used after the head lice cycle has been treated. Apply every morning, it keeps the static down (this is how head lice transfer from person to person) and leaves a coating or barrier on the hair. It’s the texture of the product that is the preventative so it’s meant to be slightly slippery.

Brilliant – after months of struggle – thanks to Janine, we finally have our little critters under control. Thank You so much Janine. I wish you every success!

Caroline Hutchinson - Sunshine Coast More testimonials
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