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Do you need to re-treat the hair after 7 days?

No. Not with the LiceDoctors formula as it kills the eggs as well as any hatched lice.

Do we need to remove all the eggs off the hairshaft?

No. Not after treating the hair with the LiceDoctors formula as it kills the eggs, they will not hatch.

Why are some eggs white and others black?

The white or clear eggs are hatched eggs –that is just the empty shell left. The dark eggs are the next cycle ready to hatch – they are dark because they have the body inside.

Is it true we need to treat all members of the family?

Yes. It is highly likely other residents of the house have some stage of the lice cycle- it might just be a few eggs but if not treated they will hatch and the cycle within the family will continue.

Do I need to sterilise the house?

As lice can live for up to 24 hours away from their blood source (scalp) before they die of dehydration, you will need to:

  • change sheets and pillowcases
  • soak headwear and brushes in boiling water for 5 minutes
  • cover fabric lounges, scatter cushions and the headrests of the car with sheets or towels only for the next 24 hours
  • change your clothing immediately after the treatment
  • scrub under your fingernails

What about the carpets?

It would be highly unlikely for an adult headlice to have dropped off onto the carpet and then make its way back to a scalp all before it dehydrates (within 24hrs) and dies.

Do you need head to head contact to get headlice?

No. Adult lice can transfer from head to head via static electricity of the hair, so you only have to be standing close to someone with headlice for them to transfer onto your hair.

I found lice in my son’s hair, but he showed no signs of having them- he wasn’t even itchy! Why, when my daughter was tearing her hair out?

Actually it is more common NOT to itch- you only itch if you are sensitive to the saliva of the lice!

I have heard you can use conditioner to treat headlice, is that true?

No. The conditioner comb-out technique is great to check or remove adult lice from the hair. Conditioner stuns the nervous system of the louse long enough for you to extract them from the hair but it does not kill or treat the eggs, therefore the cycle will not be eradicated as any eggs will hatch and the cycle will continue.

Do we need to treat our pets?

No. Headlice can only survive on human heads.

How long will the LiceDoctors treatment last before the kids can get lice again?

It is important to understand our treatment will eradicate everything that is in the hair at the time of the treatment, the treatment itself will not stop re-infestation. However, we will teach you techniques to prevent the risk of a new infestation.