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Hairdressers educating and treating families with Headlice

This is undertaken in a two step method addressing the most important aspects to breaking the lice cycle by:

  • Using a treatment that kills the EGGS as well as adult lice and
  • Educating parents to ensure correct, meticulous application of LiceDoctors’ product so the eggs do not hatch.
Janine Heard

Company founder and hairdresser since 1985, Janine Heard started LiceDoctors as a treatment and consultancy service in 2004 after recognising the ongoing problems parents were having to break the lice cycle and ultimately rid their family of lice. Using only natural, highly effective products, LiceDoctors has a proven technique that kills lice and equally as important also prevents re-infestation.

Educational Service

LiceDoctors also provides an educational service during treatment to ensure parents understand the life cycle of lice and correct techniques to apply. Re-infestation can still occur as simply by standing close to an infected person headlice can transfer via the hair’s static electricity to other heads. However, to prevent another outbreak, a ‘comb out’ technique is taught to parents to check for any stray lice after family members have had contact with other children. LiceDoctors’ specialists also cover truths and myths concerning lice and the steps necessary to sterilize your home after lice infestation and it’s not as involved as you might think!

Top Three Reasons to try LiceDoctors:

  • Natural product
  • Proven Technique
  • Education to prevent re-infestation