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Head4Lice,  Accessory Pack, Shampoo, Conditioner & Preventative Spray

Head4Lice, Accessory Pack, Shampoo, Conditioner & Preventative Spray

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Congratulations you have reached our discounted promotion page for our Bundle pack which includes
Head4Lice, Accessory Pack, Shampoo, Conditioner & Preventative Spray

TREAT, MAINTAIN AND REPEL KIT - Grab it now at the discounted rate - Limited time - Offer ends soon.

This pack contains a bottle of the Head4Lice solution, this product treats the entire cycle of the head lice cycle. All members of the family must be treated together. This bottle will treat 2-3 people.

Maintain with our LiceDoctors Organic Shampoo. It reduces the irritation of the bites and helps heal the scalp.

Comb the LiceDoctors Organic Conditioner thru the hair to check for any re infestations and rinse out on finishing.

Spray the Preventative Spray onto the top layer of the hair daily. This product forms a ‘barrier’ over the hair and reduces the static ( this is how they transfer from person to person). Do not rinse out

Accessory pack. Contains 3x lengths of cotton wool . See the demo video to see this being used to protect the eyes from run off. Clips to section the hair. Applicator bottle , this makes application so easy as it has a nozzle to section the hair . Headlice comb, the fluorescent ones are great as you can laterally see the eggs/ lice you are combing out


My mum kept encouraging me to try this product and I was a bit of a cynic.. I am definitely eating my words right now.

I can't believe I spent 8-9 hours in total if not more using other products on the market trying to get rid of the infestation and it literally took only one go of this product this afternoon and there's not a single lice or egg dead or alive left. And it was literally effortless too. Amazing service. Sooooo happy!

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