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Head 4 Lice Solution - Treats the Headlice cycle

Head 4 Lice Solution - Treats the Headlice cycle

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Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Lavender Oil. Enough for 3 people


Head4lice is an essential oil solution that treats the entire lifecycle of head lice. The essential oils penetrate the eggs and kills the nymph as well as any eggs that have hatched. Please refer to the Demo video for correct application of this product.


  • Treats the entire cycle in one single application, no repeat treatments necessary.
  • Pleasant Smell
  • Family size 250ml bottles, treats 2-3 heads.
  • No combing necessary
  • Sulphate and Paraban free
  • Made in Australia.

I've used everything on my daughters hair and have spent a fortune and nothing ever worked. I tried LiceDoctors and my daughter hasn't had nits since. I've recommended lice doctor to everyone! It's the only product I’ve found that actually works definitely worth every cent thank you guys.

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